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  1. Sól from Hof I

    Sól from Hof I is 7 years old daughter of Stáli from Kjarr and Þula from Hof I. Þula is a daughter of Andvari from…

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  2. Óðinn from Hof I

    Óðinn from Hof I is a 3 years old gelding. Óðinn from Hof I – IS2012177790 BLUP: 120 Color: Black Mother: Ugla from Hof I…

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  3. Tindur from Litla-Hof

    Tindur from Litla-Hof is a 6 years old gelding. He has a very good temper and is nice to work with. He chooses tölt but…

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  4. Rökkvi frá Litla-Hofi

    Rökkvi er fæddur 2012. Móðir: Rökkva frá Litla-Hofi Faðir: Víðir frá Prestsbakka

  5. Rökkva from Litla-Hof

    Rökkva is born 2005. She is big and very beautiful, four-gaited with nice movements. Good gaits and really good temper. Mother: Góa from Þjóðólfshagi Father:…

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  6. Röskva from Litla-Hof

    Röskva was born 2013. She is big and very beautiful, has long strides and beautiful movements. She is very friendly and nice. Her father, Þröstur,…

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  7. Röskur frá Litla-Hofi

    Röskur fæddist síðasta sumar, 2014 Móðir: Rökkva frá Litla-Hofi Faðir: Magni frá Þjóðólfshaga 1

  8. Þytur frá Litla-Hofi

    Þytur er 10 vetra geldingur. Móðir: Fluga frá Litla-Hofi MF: Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum MM: Gletta frá Litla-Hofi Faðir: Mökkur frá Hofi I FF: Galsi frá…

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  9. Hrafn frá Litla-Hofi

    Hrafn er 9 vetra geldingur. Móðir: Góa frá Þjóðólfshaga Faðir: Örn frá Efri-Gegnishólum

  10. Gói from Litla-Hof

    Gói is a 4 years gelding. He has been trained for one month. He has really good temper and is easy to work with. Mother:…

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