This morning I and my sister´s daughter Sandra (a valuable member of the Glacier Horses company! ) went to visit the foals and get to know them better. I always try to approach the foals sometime during the first days of their lives. I think it is important to teach them early in their lives that I am the good guy! 🙂 

That went quite well and they were very curious to come and say hello to us! Most foals are very curious and playful as you can see in these photos 🙂

I used the opportunity to teach Sandra a little bit about how to approach young foals (training future staff 😉 ). That was no problem for her, she is a natural horse whisperer! She loves horses. Actually she loves all animals…

Later this day we took the mares, their foals and two young horses that insisted on coming too, home to the farm. I put them up in the hill above the houses to “cut” the grass over there. Very efficient and practical mowing machines.. 🙂