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Introducing the new members =)

This morning I and my sister´s daughter Sandra (a valuable member of the Glacier Horses company! ) went to visit the foals and get to know them better. I always try to approach the foals sometime during the first days of their lives. I think it is important to teach them early in their lives that I am the good guy! 🙂 

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And more foals coming!

This black foal was born this morning =) He is a son of our favourite mare, Fluga from Litla-Hof and Arion from Eystra-Fróðholt. Arion is one of the most popular and highest judged stallions in Iceland with 9.25 for riding abilities, 8.39 for conformation and 8.91 total! My brother owns Fluga and this foal and we expect this to be a good one! =D

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Röskur from Litla-Hof

This dude is only 5 days old and growing fast. Think he will be quite big and beautiful 🙂 I have given him the name Röskur, which means something like energetic or someone who moves lively and with a lot of energy… Hope that the name will suit him =D

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First day at work

Today was the first day of putting up the riding pen. The task of the day and the next days is to get the ground ready under the pen. And for that job no one is better than my uncle Lalli and my friend Benni who live just 3 km away! =)  It is good not to need to go far for help =)

And the horses seem to be enjoying the nice weather today!

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A foal was born today!

This guy welcomed me when I went this morning to check out how the breeding mares where doing =D He was born this morning, only few hours old when I took these photos. He is a son of my mare Rökkva from Litla-Hof and the magnificent stallion Magni from Þjóðólfshagi 1. I have seen a few offsprings of Magni and they are really beautiful and have great movements. I surely hope that this one will be like that, at least he is beautiful! And I can´t say that he is shy. He allowed me to scratch him a little bit 🙂

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