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  1. We are open again!

    🐴 Experience the Untamed Beauty of Southeast Iceland on horseback! 🌿 Summer is around the corner and we are excited to start the season in…

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  2. FAQ

    FAQ Cancellation policy: When confirming a booking we send you a payment link and when the tour has been paid it is confirmed. Our cancellation…

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  3. Glaciers, horses & volcanos

      Did you know that we are located next to the highest peak of Iceland?       Glacier Horses has its home on the…

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  4. The horse rental & Iceland as a travel destination

    The horse rental of Glacier Horses has opened its doors for visitors again! In this beautiful summer week we took a lot of icelandic families…

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  5. Lupines and midnight sun

    June is a very special month in Iceland. It holds all the light and the  midnight sun, that paints the country in magical colors. The…

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  6. Rökkvi frá Litla-Hofi

    Rökkvi er fæddur 2012. Móðir: Rökkva frá Litla-Hofi Faðir: Víðir frá Prestsbakka

  7. Röskva from Litla-Hof

    Röskva was born 2013. She is big and very beautiful, has long strides and beautiful movements. She is very friendly and nice. Her father, Þröstur,…

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  8. Röskur frá Litla-Hofi

    Röskur fæddist síðasta sumar, 2014 Móðir: Rökkva frá Litla-Hofi Faðir: Magni frá Þjóðólfshaga 1

  9. Þytur frá Litla-Hofi

    Þytur er 10 vetra geldingur. Móðir: Fluga frá Litla-Hofi MF: Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum MM: Gletta frá Litla-Hofi Faðir: Mökkur frá Hofi I FF: Galsi frá…

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  10. Hrafn frá Litla-Hofi

    Hrafn er 9 vetra geldingur. Móðir: Góa frá Þjóðólfshaga Faðir: Örn frá Efri-Gegnishólum