June is a very special month in Iceland. It holds all the light and the  midnight sun, that paints the country in magical colors.

The 21 th of June marks the longest day of the year. While continental europe still has the change between dark nights and bright days the sun in Iceland shines trough the whole night.  Here in the southern parts of Iceland the sun might hide behind the mountains that lay in the northern direction for a little while. This is for sure a magical time and often seems surreal for people  experiencing the country for the first time. We try to soak in the constant brightness as much as we can and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

June is also the month of the lupines! The lupines are a special plant and can be found all over the country. They start to blossom end of may while painting the fields in shiny purple colors. We used this night to catch our Hráfn in these beautiful sea of lupines ! 🙂